Fernan Three Gun Club

Fernan 3 Gun Club

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Fernan 3 Gun Club Match Rules & Divisions

FERNAN 3 GUN CLUB (F3G) Multi-gun Rules/Scoring

Safety Rules

  1. This is a COLD RANGE. Participants’ firearms will remain unloaded at the match site except under the direction of a match official.
    1. Rifles & Shotguns can be carried in three ways:
      1. Cased (If you take a long gun in a case to the stage, have the courtesy to be sure it is NOT pointed at anyone when it comes out of the case.)
      2. Slung with the muzzle up (Visible chamber flag of any type is required!)
      3. Carried in a cart. (Visible chamber flag of any type is required if not in case!)
    2. Handguns must be cased or remain in holster, (STRONG SIDE HOLSTERS ONLY) except in designated Safety Areas, or under the direction of Range Officer(s) on a stage.
  3. Handguns must be carried with the "Hammer/Striker Down." On stages, the Ready Condition of handguns must be "Hammer Down" for DA autos & revolvers, and "Cocked & Locked" for SA autos or DA autos with manual override safeties.
  4. Firearms abandoned per stage instructions will be left unloaded or on safe.
  5. Eye protection is mandatory for participants, spectators & personnel at the match site.
  6. Ear protection is mandatory for participants, spectators & range personnel while on or near a stage of fire.

Conditions for Disqualification

  1. Participants are subject to match disqualification for violation of any safety rule or regulation.
  2. Participant shall be disqualified from the match for any Negligent Discharge. A "Negligent Discharge" is defined as the discharge of a firearm in an unsafe manner or unintentionally in which a projectile (bullet) strikes the ground within 3 meters of the competitor or range officer, or outside the confines of the backstop.
  3. A participant shall be disqualified from the Match for dropping a loaded firearm or dropping a firearm while in the loading/unloading process.
  4. A participant shall be disqualified for allowing the muzzle of his/her firearm to break the 180 degree Safety Plane (except while holstered, drawing or re-holstering.)
  5. No participants or spectators shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs at the match site. Any participant found to be impaired and deemed unsafe as a result of legitimate prescription drugs may be directed to stop shooting and requested to leave the range.
  6. Going Prone with a loaded pistol that breaks the 180
  7. Unsportsmanlike conduct. See conditions below

Sportsmanship & Conduct

  1. Participants and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, sportsman-like manner at all times. Disputes will be handled promptly and fairly by the Match Director or by submission to the Match Director.


  1. No tracer, incendiary, armor piercing or steel jacketed ammunition is allowed.
  2. Pistol/revolver ammunition shall be 9x19 or larger
  3. Rifle ammunition shall be .223 Remington (5.56 NATO) or larger.
  4. Shotgun ammunition shall be 20 gauge or larger, LEAD SHOT & SLUGS ONLY. 1350 FPS Maximum (NO PRAIRIE STORM)

A $25.00 Donation to the club will be made for each hole from non-allowed ammunition or slug hit on a non-slug target.

(It is the responsibility of the shooter to check ammunition with provided magnet prior to shooting.)


  1. All firearms used by competitors shall be serviceable and safe.
  2. If a competitor's firearm becomes unserviceable during competition, that competitor may replace his/her firearm with another of the same model, caliber and sighting system approved by the Match Director or his designee.


Scoring per stage will be straight time with possible bonuses for accuracy.

  1. A maximum time per stage will be determined in course description.
  2. Procedural penalties: 5 seconds per shot, may be assessed for failing to follow the stage directions as written in the stage description.
  3. Stage Not Fired (SNF) penalty: 200 seconds per stage not fired.
  4. Any cardboard/paper target, designated as a "shoot" target must have either one (1) "A" hit OR two (2) hits anywhere inside the scoring perforations on the target (i.e. minimum 2 "D" hits) to avoid a penalty.
    1. Cardboard/paper targets used in the match may be IPSC (old style), the new IPSC "Classic", SOF, or IDPA Targets, or course designer choice.


Example of scoring and penalties on cardboard/paper targets:

    1. One "A" zone hit = no penalty
    2. Two hits in any combination "B, C or D" = no penalty
    3. One B, C or D hit only = 5 second penalty
    4. No hits on target but target was engaged = 10 seconds penalty
    5. Target Not Engaged (TNE)= 10 second penalty for not making the minimum two hits anywhere on the target plus 5 seconds, per target, for the TNE PROCEDURAL for a total penalty of 15 seconds per target added to time.
    6. Designated "No Shoot" targets that are hit will incur a 10 second penalty for each hit.

5. Knock down style targets (i.e. poppers) must fall to score & will be calibrated for a "minor" caliber (9mm) pistol shooting factory ammunition. Misses on steel=10 second penalty.
6. Frangible targets must break to score. (One BB hole or chip is a break.)
7. Swinging style rifle targets must be struck solid enough to cause the hidden "flash card" to be visible to the R.O. R.O. may call hits.
8. Failure to engage a frangible, knock down or swinging style target will result in a 10 second penalty. (5 sec. for not making the hit and 5 sec. TNE.)
9. TNE, misses, etc will be totaled for each stage, and THAT will be the penalty.
10. Ties will be broken by an undisclosed Tie Breaker Stage designated by the Match Director.



Anything goes! However, only one firearm of each type (rifle, pistol, shotgun) may be used per stage.

Super Open

Similar to Open, except a Pistol Caliber Carbine is used in place of a pistol.


Handgun: Firearms must be of a factory configuration. Internal modifications are allowed

providing they do not alter the original factory configuration of the handgun. Firearms with custom or factory installed electronic sights, optical sights, extended sights, compensators or barrel porting are NOT allowed in this class. Magazines used shall not exceed 170 mm OAL (overall length) for single stacks, and shall not exceed 140 mm OAL for staggered magazines.

Rifle: Firearms must be of a factory configuration. Internal modifications are allowed

providing the modifications do not alter the original factory configuration of the rifle. Magnified optical sights and use will not be allowed. Non-magnified red dot scopes will be allowed in this class. Rifle supporting devices (i.e. bipods, etc.) are not allowed in this class.

Shotgun: Shotguns must be of a factory configuration. Limited will load a maximum of 8+1 rounds to start. Internal mods are allowed providing the modifications do not alter the original factory configuration of the shotgun. No electronic or optical sights are allowed on shotguns in this class. No shotgun supporting devices (i.e. bipods, etc.) are allowed in this class. No compensators or porting on barrels allowed in this class. No speed loaders or box-fed shotguns (i.e. Saiga’s) are allowed in this class.

Scoped Tactical

Scoped Tactical Class will allow the use of one optical sight on the rifle. Bipods will not be allowed, and compensators must be under 3” in length and 1” in diameter. Handgun and shotgun must fit within Limited Class rules.

Heavy Rifle

Heavy Rifle class will require rifle of a minimum 7.62x51 (.308) caliber. All other

rules are identical to Scoped Tactical.