Fernan Three Gun Club

Fernan 3 Gun Club

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2015 Scores - Second Season

2014 Scores - Inaugural Season

September Match Scores.   The top 4 leaders were:  Bill Sahlberg in Open, Patrick McCormik in Limited and Wade Dobill in Scoped Tactical and Jeff Burgess in Heavy.

August Match Scores.  The top 4 leaders were:  Grant Breshears in Limited, Joe Gains in Heavy, Bill Sahlberg in Open and Wade Dobill in Scoped Tactical.

July Match Scores.  The top 4 leaders were:  Sean Smith in Open, Joe Gaines in Scoped Tactical, and Tim Martin in Limited, and Don Bradway in Heavy Rifle.  

June Match Scores.  The top 3 leaders were:  Sean Smith in Open Division, Grant Breshears in Limited Division, and Joe Gaines in Scoped Tactical.